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Loop is slowly coming out of hibernation

It’s the 1st of February and slowly but surely the days are becoming a little longer; the light peeps timidly through the curtains when we wake and spring feels almost within reach. Almost but not quite. The ground is still hard and thoughts of home grown vegetables and warm summer evenings are still but a mere thought in the back of our mind.

The loop project team have been hard at work during our winter hibernation. We may be sleeping a lot and using the long nights to restore our mental and spiritual energy but we have had the fire stoked day and night, the seed catalogues have been read and re-read and preparations are being made for an allotment onslaught once the frosty fingers of winter are pulled away.

We have also been busy in the kitchen making breads. The oven has been full of Apple Cider Vinegar muffins, maize baguettes, white milk loaves, borodinksy rye and scottish morning rolls. Soups with seasonal vegetables from the organic shop in Llanidloes such as Borscht and other warming soups have kept us going during the harsh winter of 2009/2010.

Fermenting is the most exciting thing that is happening food-wise in Loop HQ. We have been busy reading a great book by Sandor Ellis Katz called Wild Fermentation. In it he has detailed fermentation processes from across the world, bringing back processes and techniques that have long been forgotten in some cultures. We started out with a simple sour beet recipe and have also made yoghurt, kefir, kombucha and there are dozens of other things we can’t wait to do. It seems like culture and society were built on fermented foods. Without them humans couldn’t store and process food – nowadays we just stick food and drink into the fridge or freeze. However I really think knowing a little about fermentation could benefit us all. Just think about what is fermented in your normal daily diet…

Plans are also being made for the Summer months. We have bought tickets for our first festival, The Dark Mountain Festival up in North Wales. Then there are plans to help at Sunrise Celebration at the end of May.

We are also starting to realise just how much goes on around Llanidloes. The Loop Project have found a very good place to call home.

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