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Bread News and Bring and Barter

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog, but we’ve got a few exciting announcements to make.

Firstly, after 3 years baking at home, Andy’s Bread is moving to central Llanidloes and is going to have a proper micro-bakery. The plan is to open around the end of August. There is going to be a launch event around that time – we’ll be back in touch nearer the time with more details!
A lot of you will already know Andy has been on the look out for people who might want to invest in Andy’s bread. This has been going amazingly well and he’s nearly reached his target. But he still has a little way to go, so if you have a few pounds jangling around your pocket  that you might like to invest (anything from a tenner up!), have a look on his website at the different options and please get in touch y the end of this week. The Bank of Andy’s Bread is offering a very favourable rate of bread-interest for those wise investors!
Secondly, BRING AND BARTER is coming back! I’ve just checked our archives and can’t believe it’s over two years since the first Bring and Barter event. We got so much positive feedback from that we were determined to make it a regular event. (remember – the one where we watched a great, but pretty scary documentary from Nicole Foss, then all had fun swapping jam).
Well it seems it has taken us a little longer than planned, but it will indeed be back. Hurrah! Initial plans are for it to be held on the 5th October, giving you plenty of time to make jams, chutneys, hats or any other hand-made/home grown things of beauty to exchange. More on that nearer the time, but for now get the date in your diary and get making!
Our final big piece of news is that Llani Kitchens is in the final stages of setting up now, we have 4 kitchens confirmed that will be available to hire and we’re expecting to launch mid-September. More on that soon.
All in all we have been busy bunnies! Which is probably why we might have appeared to have been so quiet of late, but it seems we are now ready to come out of hiding and are back with lots of exciting things going on!
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TLP 43 – Both Coed Rebel Rebel Pizza

Reports have been coming in of sightings of a young couple and their baby believed to be acting on behalf of The Rebel Food Alliance in Both Coed Woods, Llanidloes.

Witnesses claim they spotted the group frantically rolling and filling pizzas which were then cooked on the fire at the new Both Coed community woods site Open Day.

“I had no idea what was happening. One minute we were dancing around a fire, then the next I spotted a young man in the trees, wielding a rolling pin. I couldn’t help myself, I was drawn to him. I ate one of his sourdough pizzas. It was delicious. That’s all I know”

As yet it is still unclear what the aims of this newly emerging underground resistance group are. Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant. Approach with caution, their wares are known to be dangerously tasty.


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TLP 39 – Nantclyd Eggbox

Eggiwegs, in a lovely new box. Nantclyd’s new logo and egg box. Oh, we did their website too.

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One, Two, Miss a Few

OK, we admit it, we haven’t been keeping this thing up to date. Tut tut. Naughty us. But that is NOT because we haven’t been doing anything… quite the opposite. It is in fact because The Loop Project has been very busy. LOTS has been happening, and there’s lots more on the horizon.

Here’s a brief round up of a few select projects we have been particularly proud of, we’ll be putting up a bit more detail about these and future happenings over the next couple of weeks:

TLP 20Make a seed packet(July 2010)
TLP 21Out of the box Illustrations(July 2010)
TLP 22Cupcake Revolution logo(July 2010)
TLP 231st ever Wyeside brochure(August 2010)
TLP 24Low Carbon Llanidloes Leaflet(September 2010)
TLP 25LOAF tote bag(December 2010)
TLP 26TLP Presents – Food Inc(January 2011)
TLP 27Marmaduke Dando Website(February 2011)
TLP 28LAAG – Trees for All(February 2011)
TLP 29Seed Swap(March 2011)
TLP 30Geekowarriors – Stationery(March 2011)
TLP 31TLP Presents – Bring and Barter(March 2011)
TLP 32GOF Shop Refurb(May 2011)
TLP 33GOF Producer of the Month poster(May 2011)
TLP 34Ethical change Website(July 2011)
TLP 35Andy’s Bread NEW Price list(October 2011)
TLP 36Andy’s Bread Website(November 2011)
TLP 37Nantclyd – Website(November 2011)
TLP 38GOF Website(November 2011)
TLP 39Nantclyd – Egg Box(December 2011)
TLP 40GOF Veg News Column(January 2012)
TLP 41Llanidloes Seed Swap(March 2012)
TLP 42Odyssey – Poster for Willow Globe Theatre(June 2012)
TLP 43Both Coed Rebel Rebel Pizzas(July 2012)
TLP 44Spirit of Place – Poster for Willow Globe Theatre(July 2012)
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TLP 25 – Tote Bag for Loaf

Organic and fairtrade tote bags for us with a very special real bread design, made specially for the lovely LOAF of Birmingham.

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TLP 31 – Bring and Barter 2011

March 2011 saw the first ever Bring and Barter event. Held at Dol Llys we invited a crowd of Llani-ites along to trade their wares.

And I have to say it went really well. People had brought baskets full of fantastic homemade jams, chutneys, wine, beer, bread handmade crafty things, hats, scarfs, bunting, hand-turned dibbers, baby sitting vouchers (!) and lots more . It really was amazing. There are some very talented people in our lovely town.

It’s really such a great idea. You come along with 12 jars of the same jam (or whatever) and leave with a jar of marmalade, a loaf of bread, a hat, half a dozen eggs, a jar of chutney, a bottle of wine, some honey… Everyone feels like a winner.

I can’t wait to do it again.

But before we all got stuck in to the swapathon we watched a presentation from Nicole Foss (Stoneleigh) of Automatic Earth, A Century of Challenges.

From the Sustainability  Conference,

In Foss’s presentation “A Century of Challenges”,  she discusses the many converging factors that are contributing to the predicament we face today, and how individuals can build a “lifeboat” to cope with the difficult years ahead.  She explains how our current financial system is an unsustainable credit bubble grounded in “Ponzi dynamics,” or the logic of the pyramid scheme.

Foss argues that this crisis has developed in the context of the fossil fuel age, an age which will prove to be a relatively brief period of human history. She says that we have already seen oil reach a global production peak, and other fossil fuels are not far behind; and while there is still plenty of fossil fuel in the ground, production will fall, meaning that there will be less and less energy available to power the economy at prices afford to pay.

Foss continues that societies have gone through boom and bust cycles before, examples include: the Tulip Mania, the South Sea Bubble and the “Real” Great Depression of the 1870s; but most people in the Western world today will face this crisis without the knowledge or means to provide the basics of their own survival. The industrial system has nearly destroyed the individual capacity for self-reliance.

Foss argues that individuals and communities that take steps now to prepare stand a much better chance to thrive in a changing world.

It’s a pretty hard hitting, detailed, full on documentary. So after scaring the bejeebers out of a room full of people for 80 minutes it was well and truly time for a fun alternative to ‘ponzi dynamics’ to take its turn!


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TLP 29 – Seed Swap – 5th March

The Llanidloes Seeds Swap event will take place on 5th March, 10am – 1pm at the Resource Centre on Great Oak Street. Poster lovingly designed by The Loop Project below…

There will be lots of exciting varieties of seeds available. Please bring along any spare seeds you have to contribute. Click here for more information on Llanidloes Seed Swap.

On the same day at the same venue there will also be the launch event of “Fruit Trees For All” – a new Llanidloes based project ran by The Llanidloes Allotment Action Group and funded by Environment Wales. The project aims to establish a community orchard throughout the town and will be offering fruit and nut trees for sale at £4 each – half normal price.

It’s going to be a great day. Hope to see you there!

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TLP 20 – Make a seed packet

Here’s a handy little set of instructions for you on how to make a seed packet so you can pack up all the lovely little seeds you’ve saved and distribute them safely to all your friends.

Download a pdf version of the instructions here.

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TLP 19 – Andy’s Bread

We are now selling bread at Great Oak Foods on a Friday afternoon.

All the bread is handmade using organic ingredients and baked locally in Llanidloes.

Soon we hope to offer an ordering service and in the near future a Community Supported Bakery with a subscription service.

Email us if you are interested in ordering bread or to join the mailing list to find out what bread will be available that week.  Price list and details below.

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TLP 18 – Marmaduke Dando

The Loop Project had the pleasure of being introduced to the music of Marmaduke Dando at the first festival of The Dark Mountain Project, “Uncivilisation”.

From Marmaduke’s website,

Marmaduke Dando is a singer of morose ballads and frisky drunken jigs, often extracting references to early Scott Walker, Brel and Weill. Bred from genuine pirate ancestry in a southern port, now based in London. He writes about all the horrors and beauties of the modern world, and barks them back at it with his dear band on the cold and regimented performance stages of London. His songs have been set to films, played in the Houses of Parliament, and used as an aid for aspiring Casanovas.

Shortly after the event we were asked to produce a poster to promote the launch of his debut album, Heathcliffian Surly. Here’s the poster,