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The Loop Project is go!

After many months of planning, thinking (maybe almost too much thinking!), designing, writing and general web site designing, we are pleased to announce the launch of

This is one of the ways in which we are starting to transition our lives for a low-carbon (or no carbon…) future. Before we were both working 35 hour weeks, spending most of our waking week working for the man (or woman). The little time we did have to ourselves in the evenings was just not long enough! Then during the weekends and holidays we spent the money we had earnt on stuff we probably didn’t really need (well some of it was useful I suppose!).

We realised a while ago that we didn’t want to spend the rest of our lives living this way and slowly we decided to go it alone. The first step was quitting, and perhaps that was the most difficult bit. Once we were out everything seemed different, exciting and liberating. The world still turned and we didn’t end up living on the streets. The last year has been incredibly enlightening and we’ve started to learn new skills which we hope will see us good for the rest of our lives. We’ve also learnt it’s pretty easy to live without 2 salaries especially when you live out of a rucksack. But perhaps it’s just the mental changes that we have made which have simplified things. Strip away the thin capitalist veneer of 21st century living and there is a lot of good simple living to be had on this planet we call home. And luckily for us life is amazingly great fun.

However we realise we still need to earn some hard currency as you can’t barter for much these days. This website is a way for us to use our computer based skills (web and graphic design amongst others) while we learn to do things which don’t require the use of a PC (or a Mac shouts Leanne…)

So take a look around, read about what we’ve been up to and perhaps look at some of the book and web recommendations we’ve carefully selected for you.

And if you do happen to have any work that we might be interested in, get in touch and we’ll get things moving.