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Loop Project Presents

The Loop Project are planning a series of events which will include talks, debates, workshops and documentary showings. We hope this will develop into a regular feature in Llanidloes’ calendar – a chance to meet people, share knowledge, challenge assumptions and discuss ideas.

We are currently looking for people who would be interested in taking part – either by giving talks, attending events or by getting involved in promotions so we can reach a larger audience.

At this point I suppose I should let you know about what you would be letting yourself in for…

“Sustainability” – Of What?

We started from the perspective of concerned environmentalists, worried about sustainability and despairing at the lack of any convincing action either from businesses, government or individuals. Eventually we realised that environmental catastrophes unfolding are but a symptom of a much larger problem and that current attempts to “solve” environmental “problems” are ultimately flawed as they seek not radical change, but instead to sustain our current individualistic lifestyles of consumerism, materialism, the unending pursuit of growth – the very things that are in the fact root causes of the environmental problems.

A New Morality

The Loop Project hopes to call into question these values and believes that only by doing this can real change be made and the way opened to a new morality that recognises our place in the world, as part of the ecosystem, not rulers of it. To have any real effect the environmental movement needs to give up on it’s mission of “sustainability” (of current lifestyles) and move towards a radically different set of values, that while they may not line the pockets those currently in power, will enrich our lives.

We hope to bring forward new ideas, to challenge assumptions and to give real practical advice on how to live a life more in harmony with each other and the world we are part of.

We know this is not an easy task to take on and don’t expect to change the world overnight, but for change to happen it needs to start somewhere. Albeit in our own small part of the world, we are opening the door and invite you to walk through. Who knows where this may lead?

Loop Project Presents… will take place at Dol Llys Hall. We invite people to come to the events after which there will be open discussion and drinks (bring something to share). Keep an eye on the website or sign up to be kept up to date with the program of events.

If you would like to give a talk or have suggestions of films to show please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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TLP 20 – Make a seed packet

Here’s a handy little set of instructions for you on how to make a seed packet so you can pack up all the lovely little seeds you’ve saved and distribute them safely to all your friends.

Download a pdf version of the instructions here.