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TLP 41 – Seed Swap 3rd March

Years ago, everyone kept their own seeds from one season to the next. This knowledge is disappearing and along with that knowledge many heritage seed varieties are being lost due to the majority of seeds currently for sale being produced by huge multinational companies who concentrate on a very small number of varieties without a thought for where you might be growing the plants or encouraging biodiversity.

This is where the Seed Swap comes in. Perhaps you have a favourite bean variety that you have been growing in the area for years or you need a few tomato seeds. The seed swap aims to create a way of circulating these seeds between local gardeners, and to preserve traditional varieties.

Saving and swapping seeds is also a great way to save money. Especially for people who can’t resit the tempting seed catalogues and  buy a several packets containing hundreds of seeds each when you might only need a few. Instead, just buy a couple of packs, split them and bring your spares along to swap!

If you need some seeds or have spares, please drop them off in the Seed Swap box at the Resource Centre on Great Oak Street. There are some instructions here for how to make a seed packet.

We hope that this community resource will grow over the next few years. Help Llanidloes protect biodiversity and protest against the increasing control of the seed supply by a handful of large companies.

This year sees the introduction of “Llanidloes Seed Bank”, a permanent collection of seeds held at Llanidloes resource centre.  Find out more on the day.

Below is a list of the seeds that are currently available in the Seed  Bank. If you have any seeds you would like to add to the box – please come and see me at the resource centre on a Tuesday morning or drop me an email. I’ll try to keep this list updated as much as possible!

  • Radish – Sicily Giant
  • Radish – Jaune d’Or Ovale
  • Mange Tout – Oregon Sugar Pod
  • Mullein – Aaron’s Rod
  • Coriander
  • Lemon Balm
  • Atocha

What is a seed swap? Take a read of this Ecologist article