Our Customers

customers_03The Loop Project are a picky bunch. They won’t do business with any old crook.

We want things to change, in a big way, and we want to help people who feel the same.

If your main aims are to make a difference, to create something good for the world, then this is the place for you.

Artists and artisans,  musicians, writers, entertainers, community groups, environmental campaigners, we love you all. Please come in, take a seat. Have a cup of tea. Lovely to see you.

If however your aim in life is to sit on a beach, cigar and cocktail in hand chuckling to yourself about your dubiously earned bags of cash ‘sod the world, you’ll be gone before it happens anyway’ then please leave now. We don’t want your sort around here.

Why are we like this? Because we believe that at some point someone has to stop pretending it’s all ok. There are more important things in life than an increase in profits.

You know we won’t let our morals slip to put cash in share holders pockets.




“We gave the guys a simple brief – create something striking that really encapsulated the ethos of our event in a simple and eye-catching way, but at the same time relating key information to our audience clearly and succinctly. What they delivered exceeded our expectations and we believe it was a key contributor to the success of the event. We have since used them again and look forward to enjoying a strong working partnership together for years to come”

Ed, Pisco Presents


“One talented young company with a keen mind, eye, nose and hand for design. The event poster produced from our sketchy brief exceeded expectations and did the job brilliantly, leaping out and drawing the eye amidst a multitude of other promotional materials on display. We’ll certainly be using them again”

Mary, Little Robots

“I would highly recommend the Loop Project for house-sitting duties. They are very responsible and clean and tidy. When we go away we always hope that the Loopy ones will come and look after the place and the plants and the animals. We return to a house in better shape than we left it. It is also a pleasure to hear stories of their travels elsewhere.”

Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler


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