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Leanne’s Back!

I'M-BACKSo, it’s official. I’m back. My maternity leave has finished (not that it ever really does) and I am back in the studio (not that I ever really left), waiting for the work to flood in!…

It has been great to have a bit of time out from my mac. It has allowed me some time to sit back and reflect on what I do creatively and think about how I want to move my work on over the next few years. I’m trying to make a shift to a more creative way of working, get off my mac more and do a few more personal projects. More illustration, photography and the like. Really try to develop my own style. I’ve even started painting! It’s all very exciting.

I’ve got a couple of collaborative projects lined up with could see me spreading my wings into very different ways of working, animation, interiors and more. It was time for a good shake up, so this all feels good.

Have a look at my new swish website, that sees the design side of me officially launched in its own right, rebranded as Studio Mayfly.

If you have a project that you need to add a creative sprinkle to, do get in touch.