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The Loop Project Returns

This may sound a bit like the title of a bad Star Wars film, but no.. it’s the return of the Loop Project website.

It has been a bad night in politics but on reflection after a few quiet news free hours in the bakery, I think the only way to get through the depressing election result is to work on the positives in life.

We have had a few extremely busy years bringing the little ones into the world, but in the last few months things have started to settle down. We haven’t made life easy for ourselves, home educating is tough but we love hanging out as a family and you only get one go at that

So now is the time to start thinking about the future, getting back to our roots; gardening, low impact living, being outdoors, spending time with friends and family; building communities and connections with other human beings and trying to bring up our kids with the best values we can offer them.

So welcome back to the Loop Project. Hopefully Leanne will also pop up here and say hi too. We are still hunkering down in the Welsh hills for the winter, but the snowdrops and wild garlic will soon be here.