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Back to a full bake this week, Wednesday to Saturday. I’m also happy to say bread will be available at the High Street Deli in Newtown Thursday to Saturday from around 9.30am.
Since my trip to Paris last month, I’ve been reading up on techniques to get the most flavour out of flour. I noticed this specifically in “baguettes a l’ancienne” – a technique used in some French bakeries to make dough. For the first 24 hours the flour is just mixed with ice cold water and left in the fridge. This brings out lots of flavour. Another tip, if you are in France and the baguette has little dots on the bottom, it has been mixed and made by a machine (not all French bread is good….). Also if the boulangerie says “artisan boulanger” it means the bread is made on the premises rather than baked off….

Anyway after reading about these ultra slow fermented baguettes, my trials have started to make hopefully the best baguette in mid-Wales!! 😉 Will report back and I may have a new baguette appearing soon!

This week there will be olive sourdough on Friday and brioche makes a return on Saturday!

Oh and you can now get an evening snack at the Old Mill on Wednesday to Saturday 5-9pm. Bread and Olives, Stew and soup. (all with my sourdough bread)

Have a good week

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