Llanidloes Seed Swap

Llanidloes Seed Savers, based at the resource centre, holds a seed swap event on the first Saturday of March and also keeps a permanent collection of seeds at the resource centre which are available for people to swap all year round.

Llanidloes Seed Swap is an annual event, open to all. By bringing people together in one place at the start of the growing season the Seed Swap gives people a chance to share seeds and also to talk to other local growers and seed savers. People are encouraged to bring along any spare seeds they have to donate.. The seed ‘swap’ is not a direct swap, instead all seeds are donated to the Seed Bank, from which people can take any seeds they need. The Seed Swap usually takes place on the first Saturday in March.

Llanidloes Seed Savers is a group of seed savers established in 2011. The group was set up with the aim of collecting seeds which are particularly suitable to local growing conditions and sharing those seeds with other growers in the area. Seed Savers try save at least one variety of seed per year, which they donate to the seed bank. The “Seed Bank” already has a fantastic collection of seeds and we look forward to seeing it grow over the coming years. If you would like to join Llanidloes Seed Savers, please sign up at the Resource Centre.

Llanidloes Seed Bank is a collection of donated seeds kept at the Resource Centre. Seed Savers may come and take any seeds they need from the bank at any time throughout the year. Members of Llanidloes Seed Savers are encouraged to make a donation of at least one locally saved seed per year to the “Seed Bank”.

There are some instructions here for how to make a seed packet.

What is a seed swap? Take a read of this Ecologist article

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