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TLP 4 – Bread Making Workshop

Not that I’d usually want to spoil the ending of a story, but I couldn’t wait to show this – Rachel’s first loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven at the end her first venture into bread making. Perfect, light and crusty. Wow!

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It was a pretty amazing day really. In the space of an afternoon we managed to make a plain white loaf, a dozen rolls, bread sticks, a focaccia, tortilla wraps and some nachos! All turned out great. Rachel certainly was a natural – she has great baking hands. Watching Rachel and Andy’s synchronised dough kneading it was difficult to tell who was teaching who!

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Even the kids got stuck in. Beth helped cut dough into strips to make bread sticks, which Ellie then did a marvellous job of shaping and adding grated cheese to make them extra tasty.

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Who could have believed that a 4 year old could really play a major part in producing some of the bestest ever bread sticks?

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Those expensive shop-bought tasteless, o-so-straight and boring tubes of tat will never be spotted again in the Cordingley shopping trolley!

The Bread Making Workshop was a great success, everyone learnt a lot, but I think the best thing that was discovered is that you don’t need to be an expert to do this. It doesn’t take years of practice to make something infinitely better than what’s on offer at the supermarket.

Of course the more you bake the better your bread will get, but this really was Rachel and the kids’ first attempts at baking bread and all turned out really well.

Once again, here it is, a thing of beauty – the first loaf from Rachel, Master Baker Extraordinaire (family baker for over 3 hours):


Anyone who is interested in taking part in a bread making workshop, or having us come to your house to run one for your family and friends please read this for more information or contact us to book a course.

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