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TLP 18 – Marmaduke Dando

The Loop Project had the pleasure of being introduced to the music of Marmaduke Dando at the first festival of The Dark Mountain Project, “Uncivilisation”.

From Marmaduke’s website,

Marmaduke Dando is a singer of morose ballads and frisky drunken jigs, often extracting references to early Scott Walker, Brel and Weill. Bred from genuine pirate ancestry in a southern port, now based in London. He writes about all the horrors and beauties of the modern world, and barks them back at it with his dear band on the cold and regimented performance stages of London. His songs have been set to films, played in the Houses of Parliament, and used as an aid for aspiring Casanovas.

Shortly after the event we were asked to produce a poster to promote the launch of his debut album, Heathcliffian Surly. Here’s the poster,

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