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TLP 7 – Pisco Presents, ‘Under The Sea’

A poster for a night of live music in Sheffield promoted by Pisco Sour Hour.


This was the second of the promoters’ nights to be held in Sheffield and the poster was designed to follow the style of the previous event ‘The Summer Fete’ to help build instant recognition and a house style.

Comment from the promoters,

“One talented young company with a keen mind, eye, nose and hand for design. The event poster produced from our sketchy brief exceeded expectations and did the job brilliantly, leaping out and drawing the eye amidst a multitude of other promotional materials on display. We’ll certainly be using them again”

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TLP 6 – Ctrl_Alt_Bleep

Poster and flyers designed for London club night in aid of Amnesty International, ‘Ctrl_Alt_Bleep’ . The night is promoted by Pi.


From the promoters,

“Having given Leanne some very vague ideas of what we hoped the night to be like, within the space of a week she had come up with another outstanding flyer. Full artistic and creative license was given regarding the design, and our expectations were not only met but were exceeded, again! All in all she came up with a very eye catching flyer that managed to portray what the night was about in a very short space of time.

Clearly the best flyer we saw whilst out flyering in London! Very Professional.”

Doug Rocket, Pi

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TLP 5 – Redesign of Egg But No Bacon


In the run up to the 2nd anniversary of vegetarian food blog ‘Egg But No Bacon’ it was decided it was time the site had a facelift.

A new cleaner look was applied complete with bespoke illustrations and a magazine style blog theme.

View the site here.

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TLP 4 – Bread Making Workshop

Not that I’d usually want to spoil the ending of a story, but I couldn’t wait to show this – Rachel’s first loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven at the end her first venture into bread making. Perfect, light and crusty. Wow!

[singlepic id=27 w=320 h=240 float=center]

It was a pretty amazing day really. In the space of an afternoon we managed to make a plain white loaf, a dozen rolls, bread sticks, a focaccia, tortilla wraps and some nachos! All turned out great. Rachel certainly was a natural – she has great baking hands. Watching Rachel and Andy’s synchronised dough kneading it was difficult to tell who was teaching who!

[singlepic id=14 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Even the kids got stuck in. Beth helped cut dough into strips to make bread sticks, which Ellie then did a marvellous job of shaping and adding grated cheese to make them extra tasty.

[singlepic id=21 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Who could have believed that a 4 year old could really play a major part in producing some of the bestest ever bread sticks?

[singlepic id=23 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Those expensive shop-bought tasteless, o-so-straight and boring tubes of tat will never be spotted again in the Cordingley shopping trolley!

The Bread Making Workshop was a great success, everyone learnt a lot, but I think the best thing that was discovered is that you don’t need to be an expert to do this. It doesn’t take years of practice to make something infinitely better than what’s on offer at the supermarket.

Of course the more you bake the better your bread will get, but this really was Rachel and the kids’ first attempts at baking bread and all turned out really well.

Once again, here it is, a thing of beauty – the first loaf from Rachel, Master Baker Extraordinaire (family baker for over 3 hours):


Anyone who is interested in taking part in a bread making workshop, or having us come to your house to run one for your family and friends please read this for more information or contact us to book a course.

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TLP 3 Pt 1 – “How to… Bake Bread”


The first of a series of posters to advertise the loop project.

The posters will invite people to think about learning skills which are useful in a more self sufficient lifestyle.

Designed in a retro styling to reflect the traditional skill it encourages.

Download an A4 PDF here

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TLP2 – Pisco Presents “Summer Fete” Poster

This poster was designed to promote the first of a series of nights promoted by Sheffield promoters, ‘Pisco Presents’.


The brief was for a simple but instantly recognisable retro style, reflecting the theme of the summer fete.

The night was a great success, the gig completely sold out on the night.

Comment from the promoters,

“We gave the guys a simple brief – create something striking that really encapsulated the ethos of our event in a simple and eye-catching way, but at the same time relating key information to our audience clearly and succinctly. What they delivered exceeded our expectations and we believe it was a key contributor to the success of the event. We have since used them again and look forward to enjoying a strong working partnership together for years to come” Ed, Pisco Presents

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TLP1 – Picnic on Hoxton Square


And so it began…

Just over a month ago now, on the Summer Solstice of 2009, a group enthusiastic picnicers gathered on Hoxton Square, London, under the red and white flag that was the symbol of the first event, “A Taste of Things to Come”. An anarchy symbol morphed into a picnic bench to spell out the intention – no longer were we fools to the robbery of overpriced bars and restaurants serving up expensive drinks and salads of limp lettuce and unripe tomatoes. No longer will we be slaves to the supermarkets. We won’t eat your pre-packed out of season processed food and snacks. We will reclaim the power of good, simple, local, seasonal food and show it off in fantastical picnic extravaganza!

At least that was the idea. As the man at the local offi pointed out after questioning the significance of our lovely little red badges, our choice of lubrication for the event was arguably off theme, “Ah a picnic to promote local food! Excellent idea… I see you have chosen 8 cans of Jamaican Red Stripe to compliment your food”. Hmm.. seems we still have some way to go. “But it goes with the colour scheme” is not a valid excuse.


The choice of the longest day for our first picnic was obviously a good move. A beautiful sunny day was spent lazing in the park and the long hours of sunlight encouraged us to stay out well past the intended 4 pm finish time until long after the sun had gone down.


So what was on the menu? Aside from the small oversight on the booze, the local food theme went pretty well. An impressive spread was enjoyed by all including some fantastic spicy green-bean salad, fine cheeses, homemade chutney, standard picnic-issue (but top quality!) egg and watercress sandwiches, and fresh, still-in-the-pod peas. Lovely jubbly. The bakers had been hard at it too – homemade too pretty to eat strawberry cakes and cherry topped buns with tea (not coffee!) icing both went down a treat.


Entertainment for the day was unexpectedly provided from travelling performance artist Nicola who joined us for a few hours and treated us with an outing of her “Dream Coat”. The coat has many individually decorated fancy pockets, each containing a dream. You choose a pocket, take out the dream and swap it for one of your own which then gets passed along. Fantastic. My plane crash dream was eagerly swapped for a story of a horse running and bizarrely I haven’t suffered any more terrifying plane crash dreams since. Magic. Should I feel guilty for the poor soul who will soon be treated to recurring dreams of planes exploding mid-air? Perhaps, but you’ve got to take your chances in the dream world. You never know what might happen.


There was also face painting and an impressive BMX (with basket) stunt display!




So as you can see “A Taste of Things to Come” was not just about the food. It was also about was getting together in a free space, to share good times and stories. It was great to see friends we’d missed so much while we’d been away. And while our main aim of promoting local, seasonal food may have slipped into the background of catch up chats and Jamaican lager one thing shone through – that is that spending many hours loafing in parks with good food and good friends is simply a great thing to do. This kind of thing should be part of our day to day lives, not a once a year only if it’s boiling and you’re skint event. No more rushed dinner hours! Take your time over lunch every day. Sit in the park, chat to a stranger, offer them a sandwich. Don’t spend your weekends in shopping centres, go to the woods, sit by a river, pick wild blackberries and enjoy being outside. It doesn’t rain as often as you think it does.