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TLP 15 – Great Oak Poster

A poster created for Great Oak Foods in Llanidloes.

Great Oak Foods is a unique organic vegetable shop in mid-Wales. Great Oak Foods aim to promote local and organic food. They stock vegetables from small scale local organic producers alongside a range of quality organic fruit, veg, wines, cheeses, bread and more.

The poster was created to help the shop to promote awareness of their local buying policy. The changeable panel at the bottom has space to write in what’s on offer from the local area that week.

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TLP 14 – Loaf

Promotional flyer for community supported bakery “Loaf

From the Loaf website,

“Loaf Community Bakery is our bakery in Cotteridge, South Birmingham, specialising in sourdough and other artisan breads. Bread is baked at the home of Loaf director Tom Baker, in both a conventional and traditional wood-fired earth oven. The bakery sells bread through a ‘community supported bakery’ scheme, as well as selling some wholesale to specialist local delis. Bread is made with flour grown and milled in the UK, some from watermills in Warwickshre, and some from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire.”

Custom illustrations were drawn to reflect Loaf’s existing branding and handmade style.

Here’s what Tom from Loaf had to say about the design,

“Given a simple brief of creating an attractive and informative flyer that instantly got over the ethos of Loaf, The Loop Project produced an excellent piece of design that exceeded our expectations, which we are putting to use instantly in putting the word out about what we do. Leanne totally achieved the look we had imagined, and delivered it quickly and efficiently. Thanks!”
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TLP 13 – Pi Misadventures in Sound

Promotional poster and flyer for London based club night “Misadventures in Sound”

In support of WaterAid.

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TLP 12 – Manchester vinvolved

Promotional postcard for Manchester’s Youth Volunteer network vinvolved

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TLP 11 – Pisco World of Tomorrow

Another poster for Sheffield promoters “Pisco Presents”. Retro Future.


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TLP 10 – Get Digging!

The first of a series of posters designed to raise awareness of our current reliance on oil and oil based products.


As cheap fuel begins to disappear and prices rise our dependence on fossil fuels will become more and more obvious. All areas of our lives will have to change.

The changes that need to be made, rather than being sacrifices, could greatly enhance our lives. We have the potential to create a much more rewarding way of life.

People will soon need to become more self reliant, the work that was done by the oil may need to be done by you.

To give you a real example, and put this all into perspective, here’s a picture of me preparing a bed for planting in the spring. It took the best part of a day to dig this bed over and remove all the weeds.


Here’s a tractor doing the same thing in seconds…


And remember, later in the year the tractor will be round again, spraying (oil based) fertiliser, pesticides and the like, and I will be round again, on my knees for hours, individually pulling out weeds and making brews of comfry and nettle tea to feed my plants. I can’t wait! Honest!

Learn some skills, get to know the people around you, grow some food. Get digging.

Download the full sized poster to print out and stick up here

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TLP 8 – Website for Artisan Chocolatier

Liverpool based artisan chocolatier, The Chocolate Cellar needed to update their website. A brand new website was created which was more consistent with their branding, and included lots more information on the products and services they offer. Visit to see the full site.


Once the main website was complete we then set to work on an online store meaning their customers could get their Christmas treats sent direct to their home.


The client was very happy with the work and we now work closely with them each month to develop the website and create new marketing materials.

The next project for the Chocolate Cellar, “We Care” is a leaflet which raises awareness about how they help local businesses and charities as well as outlining what steps they are taking to minimise their impact on the environment.

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TLP 9 – Pisco “World of Tomorrow”

The third in a series of posters designed to advertise nights ran by Sheffield music promoters “Pisco Presents”. It was to be a “Retro-Future” night taking its inspiration from the likes of 80s TV series, “Tomorrow’s World”.


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TLP 7 – Pisco Presents, ‘Under The Sea’

A poster for a night of live music in Sheffield promoted by Pisco Sour Hour.


This was the second of the promoters’ nights to be held in Sheffield and the poster was designed to follow the style of the previous event ‘The Summer Fete’ to help build instant recognition and a house style.

Comment from the promoters,

“One talented young company with a keen mind, eye, nose and hand for design. The event poster produced from our sketchy brief exceeded expectations and did the job brilliantly, leaping out and drawing the eye amidst a multitude of other promotional materials on display. We’ll certainly be using them again”

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TLP 6 – Ctrl_Alt_Bleep

Poster and flyers designed for London club night in aid of Amnesty International, ‘Ctrl_Alt_Bleep’ . The night is promoted by Pi.


From the promoters,

“Having given Leanne some very vague ideas of what we hoped the night to be like, within the space of a week she had come up with another outstanding flyer. Full artistic and creative license was given regarding the design, and our expectations were not only met but were exceeded, again! All in all she came up with a very eye catching flyer that managed to portray what the night was about in a very short space of time.

Clearly the best flyer we saw whilst out flyering in London! Very Professional.”

Doug Rocket, Pi